Cynthia Dixon with CYNASSISTS™ is Phenomenal. There are times where I literally do not know how I am going to stack everything that I need to do; not just in a day, a week, but over the course of a month. Cynthia always comes through and makes sure everything is flowing well, but more than that, she thinks quickly, she acts quickly, she jumps in strategically, she is smart as a whip and her spirit is as beautiful as she is on the inside and out. If anyone is looking to be more efficient and breath a little bit and have someone not just run alongside of you, but literally be your eyes and ears and be an extension of you; there is no one better than Cynthia Dixon of Cynassists! Huge Fan of CYNASSISTS! 

Zakiya Larry

Elevation Strategist, Celebrity Media Coach, Public Relations Director, Executive Producer & Host of Zakiya Larry Live Show!



"Like most entrepreneurs, I tend to manage multiple project simultaneously. I'm learning and pivoting at a fast pace, and I often need to delegate important tasks to people I can trust to help execute my vision. I worked with CYNASSISTS™ to help me maximize my email efforts and ramp up my podcast production. She was so hands-on and professional that I felt completely available to dive into other projects. She helped move my email list from Aweber to ConvertKit and managed a job posting for a podcast editor. I will be engaging Cyn again early next year when the second season of my podcast is ready for production, and I know she will be a vital part of my success. Bring Cyn in and get better prepared for your own success." 

Akilah S. Richards, Author + Entrepreneur


Just under a year ago CYNASSISTS joined forces with The Kyra Company, LLC and provided direct coaching and administrative development for our Executive Administrator. CYNASSISTS development service has been an incredible catalyst for our administrators growth and development overall.  CYNASSISTS administrative training provided her with tools, strategies and mentor to check in with as she implemented the training. Thank you for providing up-level training and development for The Kyra Company,LLC and we know that you understand what entrepreneurs and growing businesses like ours need as we advance! 

Thank you for all that you do!  

Kyra R. Hardwick, MBA, The Kyra Company,LLC


"At our busiest time of the year, tax season, CYNASSISTS came in and provided an invaluable service. She made sure our customers received the attention and professionalism that they require and often demand. For a small business that is what sets you apart from other companies. The ability to be responsive, genuine and caring. We can't thank CYNASSISTS enough."​​      Pete Bacote, Principal,  The Sentarus Group  


 Cynthia was my admin during my tenure at Microsoft. She is a go-getter, with awesome work ethic and a great personality. She was very approachable and worked extremely well with rest of the staff. Cynthia was probably the best Business Assistant I have had in my career so far."   Khan Siddiqui, MD


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