The driving force of our GIVE BACK initiative is due to being homeless myself. When I was in high school, a homeless shelter called "La Mesita" in Arizona re-positioned my mother's journey by helping her get back on her feet. They provided shelter for our family, got her a job, helped her save money, and assisted with getting us a new place to call home. 

We didn't know where we were going to sleep. She was looking to make a change in our living situation and thought we could stay with my brother as she got on her feet. Coincidentally, the landlord received an anonymous tip that we were staying with him. They said by us being there, we were over occupancy and we needed to leave or he would get evicted.  

That's when God stepped in. A friend informed her of a homeless shelter called La Mesita;  our saving grace. 

La Mesita provided a safe shelter and helped my mother build a life of independence and progress. Back then it was an old motel and despite our circumstances, we made it. 

"Without Struggle, No Progress" Frederick Douglas

My mother is the strongest women I know. She is filled with resilience and self determination. Although our past does not define our future, I vowed to always give back to organizations like La Mesita no matter how high I climbed the ladder of success. I led the Give Back initiatives while in Corporate America and I am proud to Give Back as the CEO & Founder of CYNASSISTS; leading an initiative that is near and dear to my heart. 

Had La Mesita not been around, I am not sure how our journey would have played out. 

Because they were, here I AM! Standing! 

Thank you for joining our initiative. You are not your circumstances, only possibilities. 

I am thrilled to announce that life will come full circle when my team of "giving hands"  will give back to La Mesita in Arizona. Stay tuned for details.